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Global strategically acceptance
Accepted by more than 9,000,000 fine establishments worldwide.

Airport lounges
Cardmembers can access an extensive network of airport lounges in countries around the world featuring English-speaking staff, complimentary beverage service, flight information, newspapers and television, and phone and fax services. Please check for more information www.dinersclub.com

Cash advance
Club Cash allows Cardmembers cash advance access up to 100% of your credit limit at pulse ATMs worldwide for unexpected expenses, incidentals and/or emergencies — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Customer service
Diners Club Phone Service Tel. +66-2232-4100 from Monday to Friday, 8:30AM – 5:30PM

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Diners Club Savings for Business
Take advantage of significant savings on everyday products and services you need to succeed in today's business market. Your Diners Club gives you access to an array of special offers and discounts.

Purchase Protection Plan
Retail purchases made with the Diners Club Card are protected with Diners Club Purchase Protection Plan at no fee or extra charge. Diners Club Purchase Protection Plan will indemnify you for any covered lost or damage occurring to the goods within 30 days of purchase when charged through Corporate Diners Club Card. You may receive coverage up to 100,000 baht per occurrence or 40,000 baht per item. * , **

Travel insurance
Be sure to use the Diners Club Card for all travel related charges and Cardmembers will automatically receive an extensive package of comprehensive travel insurance. Cardmembers will feel secure knowing they are covered for travel accidents, flight cancel, flight delay, loss or damage of baggage. * , **

Up to 45 days to pay
Only Diners Club gives Corporate Cardmembers up to 45-day period to pay without incurring late charges. Cardmembers pay no penalties if the entire account balance is paid within 45 days. This extra time to pay becomes especially valuable during extended trips.

Global Vision
Global Vision is an Internet-based reporting tool that empowers organizations to monitor policy compliance, succeed in vendor negotiations and proactively manage delinquency.

Key features
  • Customized reporting: More than 40 standard report templates plus report builders that enable users to create their own custom templates.
  • Report scheduler: Allows recurring reports to run automatically on a frequency chosen by the user.
  • E-mail Notification: User receives an e-mail notification when a report is complete and available for download. There is no need to stay online while your report runs.
  • Flexible report formats: Reports can be run in a variety of formats including Excel (xls), Word (doc), Portable Document Format (pdf), Extensible Markup Language (xml), and comma separated value (csv).
  • Nine central reporting currencies: Transactions can be reported in the billing currencies of more than 60 countries and global data can be rolled up to the user’s choice of nine central reporting currencies.

Key benefit

  • Proactively manage delinquency.
    • Identify delinquent Cardmembers.
    • Generate list of inactive cards.
  • Monitor policy compliance.
    • Track usage of non-preferred vendors.
    • Monitor ATM activity.
    • Segment spending by channel.
  • Succeed in vendor negotiations.
    • Track spend by vendor.
    • Build your own customized vendor chains.

How it works
All card and transaction data is securely stored in the Global Vision data warehouse. Global Vision reports query the data warehouse and deliver the results to an organization’s Global Vision "in box."

contact us for more information on Diners Club Global Vision.

* The precise coverage afforded is subject to the term, conditions and exclusions of the insurance policy. Coverage is underwritten by Jardine Lloyd Thompson Limited
** Citi Consumer Products (Thailand) Ltd. Reserves the right to change the details of this program without prior notification to the Cardmember.