Insightful decision

Insightful decision

Message from Head of Thailand Equities

CST was founded in 1969, and is committed to providing brokerage and research services to address the needs of institutional investors globally. Our local brokerage and research unit comprises sales execution and research professionals who support investors with insightful analysis, services and expertise in the Thai securities market. We also leverage closely off our global research capability.

Together with our comprehensive sales and trading platform, we can ensure that investing clients make informed decisions and their requirements are met with "best practice serviceā€ globally.

Securities and Investment Research Services

Established in 1969, Citicorp Securities (Thailand) Limited (CST) provides brokerage and research services to institutional investors in Thailand and overseas. Our highly experienced professionals, together with a state-of-the-art trading floor, enable us to provide the best execution in the Thai debt capital and equities markets and insightful research on all markets.

Citi Research focuses on delivering the highest quality company, sector, economic and geographic insights to our clients globally. The unit includes equity and fixed income research, economic and market analysis and product-specific analysis to help individual and institutional clients navigate a complex global marketplace. Citi Research is committed to maintaining the highest level of independence and objectivity in its proprietary products and insights.

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  • Equity brokerage service for institutional clients, both locally and overseas
  • Execution
  • Settlement
  • Operations
  • Risk Management
  • Company Update
  • Investment Strategy
  • Industry Update
  • Quantitative Analysis