Interest and fees charges


Monthly income


Loan required

20,000 100,000

All Inputs

Total outstanding balance (Baht)50000

Total monthly installement5000

Loan required20000

Total amount for debt consolidation50000

interest and fees charges28%

Tenor18 Months

Loan calculator manual instruction:

  1. Please fill in the information of financial products you currently have in the blue box on the left hand side should you wish to participate in our debt consolidation program. You can simply add more products by choosing from the drop down box and click ADD.
  2. Please select the interest and fees charges per annum that you want. Please note that the final interest and fees charges will be determined by the company depending on the approved loan amount.
  3. Please select the tenor.
  4. Please input your monthly income to calculate for the eligible loan amount.
  5. Please select your loan required from the sliding bar.
  6. Click calculate to show the result.