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Citibank, N.A. Terms and Conditions: • For customer converting credit card spending online with Pay later during 1 October – 31 December 2021 • Customers are required to register to participate in this campaign via SMS (one-time registration) by typing EPP <space> followed by the last 12 digits of Citi credit card number (EPP XXXXXXXXXXXX) and send to 4712228 (THB 3/SMS) • Tier 1, receive THB 100 cash rebate when convert credit card spending online with Pay later over THB 20,000 • Tier 2, receive THB 300 cash rebate when convert credit card spending online with Pay later over THB 50,000 • Tier 3, receive THB 800 cash rebate when convert credit card spending online with Pay later over THB 80,000 • Total amount converted will be calculated from any conversion made through online channel of Citi PayLite and/or Citi FlexiBill within program period • Accumulated amount will be calculated from the card number that is registered only and are not able to accumulate between different cards • Online channel consisted of SMS from Citi, Citi Mobile® Application, Login via and Citi Line Connect • Does not include any PayAll conversion • Limit only one tier cash rebates per customer, cash rebates will be given to the card with the highest spending conversion within 30 June 2022 • Citi PayLite is converting credit card unbilled amount with interest charged (excluded Citi PayLite at merchants) • Citi FlexiBill is converting credit card billed amount with interest charged • Promotion approval and interest rate is varied among individuals depending on other conditions in accordance with Citibank’s sole discretion. Citibank reserves the right for eligible credit card holders and participating transactions only • Citibank reserves the right to offer cash rebate to customer who did SMS registration only and reserves the right not to offer cash rebate to any customer who pre-terminates plan • In case of booking inquiry, please contact 02-232-4288 Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00 • PCBZ36
Citi will never ask for your personal details.
Never provide the One-Time PIN that is sent to your mobile phone to anyone.
Always check SMS and email alerts from Citibank relating to your account and report any unauthorized transactions to Citibank immediately.
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