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For Citi, security is a must.
Globally, there has been a substantial increase in the number of online
transactions, which provide customers with convenience, ease of use, and cost reducing benefits. Simultaneously, however, number of cybercrime has risen rapidly as well. At Citi, protecting your personal information from cyber theft is important.

Cyber theft can be classified into three categories:

is the fraudulent
practice of sending
emails or websites
claiming to be from
reputable companies
or organizations such
as banks or financial
institutions in order to
induce individuals to
reveal personal
information such as
user ID, password, or
ID number, online.

is the act of using
the telephone in an
attempt to scam the
user into surrendering
private information
that will be used for
identity theft,
commonly comes in
the form of call center
is type of phishing
attack where
fraudsters send SMS
or MMS containing
website hyperlink.
When the link is
clicked or opened,
embedded Trojan
horse will
automatically be
downloaded to user’s
mobile phone to steal
sensitive data.

We have security controls that safeguard your mobile banking platform
against malware attacks. You too play an important role in keeping your
personal data secure. Here’s how you can protect yourself:

Tips to safeguard yourself against cyber theft

Always visit websites by typing the
respective URL into your web browser
address bar
Ensure the website is using encryption;
Always look for padlock         at upper/
bottom right corner of webpage on websites
requiring personal information
Ensure your browser is up to date with
latest security patches; Install latest
anti-virus/ anti spyware/ firewall/ security
patches on your computer or mobile phones
Regularly review your Credit Card and bank
statements to check for any unaccounted
If you reveal your bank account details
by mistake, report it to the bank
Update your device OS, apps and browser
versions regularly
Always log off your online session on both
Citibank Online and Citi Mobile Application;
Do not just close the browser / application
Never respond to requests for personal
information or click on links within emails.
If in doubt, call the institution that claims
to have sent you the mail
Do not open email attachments or download
links from unexpected sources
Do not access net banking or make
payments using your Credit/Debit Card
from computers in public places like
cyber cafés
Do not allow anyone to use your mobile
phone especially one that is used to receive
One-Time PIN (OTP) from the Bank
Do not enable automatic ‘Save Password’
function to save your user ID & password
on browsers / application 
Never share confidential details like
Card number, Card expiry date, CVV,
OTP, Internet Password (IPIN) with anyone
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