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Living the Dream: How to Follow Through on Your Life Goals Some of us have a powerful desire to get out and see the world. Others dream of owning their own house, starting a family, or enjoying early retirement. Whatever your dream may be, there are concrete steps you can take to put you in an excellent position to succeed. Money opens up plenty of new doors, but only if it is cared for properly and spent wisely. Even a good, steady income may be insufficient if it is invested carelessly or squandered on frivolities. Moreover, the singular pursuit of money may even take you further from your dreams, if that pursuit means spending your days working hard at a job that is distasteful to you. Such efforts are more likely to result in burnout than contented relaxation, because the rewards they produce are too long delayed.To make the most of our wealth and investment advisory services, consider becoming a Citi Priority member. With its lifestyle privileges, free ATM access around the world, as well as foreign currency accounts and expert investment advice, Citi Priority offers flexibility and opportunity in equal measure.
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