Our Footprint in Thailand

Our Footprint in Thailand

Citigroup Inc.

Citi®, the leading global bank, has approximately 200 million customer accounts and does business in nearly 160 countries and jurisdictions. Citi provides consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of financial products and services, including consumer banking and credit, corporate and investment banking, securities brokerage, transaction services, and wealth management. For more information, visit www.citigroup.com Visit the official bio of Citi CEO, Jane Fraser.

Citi Thailand

Citi's presence in Thailand first began in 1967, under The Commercial Credit Corporation (Thailand) Ltd., focusing on auto and consumer goods financing. Citi Thailand celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017.

On 1 November 1985, Citibank, N.A. was formally registered as a full-service branch. Since then, Citi has become Thailand’s most diversified foreign bank, offering a full range of banking services across consumer banking and corporate banking.

On January 14th 2022, Citi announced it has reached agreement with UOB Group (UOB) for the acquisition of Citi’s consumer banking businesses in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Citi Thailand remains committed and focused on serving institutional clients.

Citi's major corporate banking businesses include foreign exchange and treasury, cash management, trade finance, custodian services, lending, securitization, and capital markets. Citi Thailand’s clients include the government and related entities, global multinationals, leading local corporates and financial institutions. Citi Thailand has been voted as the Best Foreign Bank by Finance Asia and the Best Global Bank by The Assets magazine for many years.

Citi Thailand is a member of Citigroup/Citibank, a leading global bank.

Citi Thailand's Timeline

1967 Citi established a presence in Thailand under The Commercial Credit Corporation (Thailand) Ltd. focusing on auto and consumer goods financing.
1968 Diners Club (Thailand) Ltd. was established in Thailand as Thailand's first card services company.
1969 First National City Bank entered into a joint venture with Bangkok Bank, Ltd. with a 50% equity stake in Bangkok First Investment Trust, an investment company.
1969 Completion of the establishment of First National City Development Finance Corporation (Thailand) Ltd.
1973 First National City Bank acquired a minority interest in the country's second-oldest bank, Wang Lee Bank Ltd.
1979 First National City Development Finance Corporation (Thailand) Ltd. was renamed Citicorp Finance and Securities (Thailand) Ltd.
1982 Citigroup acquired the Diners Club franchise, including Diners Club (Thailand) Ltd.
1984 Citibank acquired the Thailand branch of Mercantile Bank, a 130-year-old British-based banking business, and subsequently divested its interest in Wang Lee Bank.
1985 Citibank N.A. - Bangkok Branch was formally registered as a full-service branch on November 1, 1985.
1986 Citicapital Ltd. was established to provide investment, venture capital and corporate finance advisory services to start up companies.
1987 Citicorp Leasing (Thailand) Ltd. was established, offering consumer auto finance and corporate equipment leasing.
2000 Citicorp Finance and Securities (Thailand) Ltd. was separated into two distinct businesses: its finance business called Citicorp Finance (Thailand) and its security business called Citicorp Securities (Thailand).
2004 Citicapital Ltd.'s name was changed to Bangkok e-service Limited to reflect its expanded business of collections activities.
2005 Citicorp Leasing (Thailand) Ltd. changed its focus to provide consumer lending facilities under the branding of "Citiloan".
2005 Citicorp Securities (Thailand) received a sub brokerage license.
2006 Citicorp Securities (Thailand) launched its sub brokerage business.
2009 Diners Club (Thailand) Ltd's was renamed Citi Consumer Products (Thailand) Ltd.
2010 Bangkok e-service Limited merged with Citicorp Finance (Thailand) Limited and changed its name to B.E.S. Limited.
2017 Citi Thailand celebrated its 50th anniversary.
2019 Citicorp Securities (Thailand) become a full broker.
2022 Sell Consumer Business to UOB.