The All-in One Account with convenience, liquidity, and attractive returns

CitiOne - Your All in One Netbanking Account.


For convenience, liquidity, and attractive returns, CitiOne is the one account that you need. It's the smartest and most productive way to help manage your finances.

  • Maximize your returns with automatic fund transfer between your saving and checking accounts
  • 100% overdraft facility*
  • No-Bounced-Check
  • Maximize your return from Automatic Funds Transfer. This facility automatically adjusts the balance in your Checking Account to zero at the end of each banking day, moving the funds to your Savings Account to earn higher interest rate. When you use checks, money is moved back automatically to your Checking Account - just enough to cover the withdrawals. So there's no need to run down to the bank to top up funds all the time.
  • CitiOne gives you an automatic overdraft credit line* equal to 100% of your combined Time Deposits balance.
  • In the event that you write a check that's above your credit line, CitiOne provides an additional no-bounced coverage of 3% of your total deposits balance, or up to 5,000 baht. (Subject to bank's approval criteria)
How to Apply
  • Visit us at Citibank Bangkok Branch (Interchange 21 Building), Citibank Silom Branch (United Center Building) and Citibank Central World Branch (4th Floor, Banking zone)
  • Call 02 788 3335 for more details


  • *Subjected to bank's approval criteria.