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Pay in Your Preferred Currency with Citibank Global Wallet and Spend like a Local Overseas

Citibank Global Wallet

Make the best of being home with fee-free online shopping.

Stay safe and save with Citibank Global Wallet

With the feature turned on, shop on international websites using your Citibank Debit Mastercard® and pay zero foreign transaction or currency conversion fees. You can also lock in FX rates when they are favourable–giving you an even better deal at the checkout.

Special offer! Every Friday, receive THB 1,000 cash rebate for every USD 10,000 of total conversion transactions done on the Citi Mobile® App or Citibank Online*.
Limit to THB 15,000 in total cash rebate per customer. From 15 May – 31 Jul’ 20. More info click.

Avoid currency conversion charges when you shop overseas or online globally Enjoy fee-free withdrawals at Citi ATMs worldwide

You can hold and transact in the following currencies:


Take control of your global spending

All on your Citi Mobile® App

Turn on Citibank Global Wallet and add foreign currency accounts which are linked to your Citibank Debit Mastercard instantly
Control the best time to fund your accounts when exchange rates are favorable

Get Started

Do you hold a savings account with Citibank Thailand?

Let us call you to open a Citibank account within 1 business day.

Start your Citibank relationship today with a deposit and/or investment of THB 1 million and above.

By clicking "Submit", you consent to Citibank Thailand Limited contacting you.
Once your Citibank account is open, turn on Global Wallet on your Citi Mobile® App.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Citibank Global Wallet?

    Turning on Citibank Global Wallet allows you to withdraw cash, make purchases overseas at point-of-sale or online using your Citibank Debit Mastercard without incurring additional foreign currency conversion fees. For example - With Citibank Global Wallet turned on, if you are travelling to Hong Kong and have a HKD Account with us, your HKD account will be used for withdrawing cash and for purchases at no additional conversion fees.

  • Who is the Citibank Global Wallet best for?

    You can benefit from Citibank Global wallet if you: Travel overseas - for holidays, visiting family & friends or for work Make online purchases from international websites

  • What are the eligible Citi accounts which will have Citibank Global Wallet Feature?

    You can open any Citibank Thailand local and foreign currency accounts to turn on Citibank Global Wallet.

  • How do I turn on Citibank Global Wallet?

    If you are new to Citibank, simply open accounts in Thai Baht and foreign currencies. You can turn on Citibank Global Wallet by using Citi Mobile® App. If you already have these accounts with Citibank, you can access Citi Mobile® App to turn on Citibank Global Wallet.