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Earn up to 80,000 Rewards Points When apply Citi Prestige and have spending over THB 20,000 within 30 days after card issuance.
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Be rewarded when you spread the word

Tell your family and friends about Citigold's personalised wealth management services and financial expertise, and successfully invite them to become Citigold customers. You can look forward to generous rewards when they start their own Citigold relationship.

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Total Deposit and/or investment Balance of Referee Rewards Points for Referrer7
THB 5 Million and above 10,000 Citi Rewards Points
  1. This program is for a successful Citigold referral made during 1 Mar 2019 – 30 June 2019. The existing Citigold member, Citi Priority and the Citibank’s customers for Citi Credit Card or Ready Credit are eligible for this program.
  2. Citigold status refers to a customer who has opened deposit and/or investment accounts with new funds at least THB 5 million.
  3. A successful Citigold referral is made when the referee establishes a new account (New to Bank) with total asset balance of at least THB 5 million, and such new account has been maintained with Citibank according to the timeline as required by this program. Account opening date and/or investment with new funds date must be within this program period. The person being referred must maintain the qualifying asset balance and Citigold status for at least 2 consecutive calendar months including the month the account is opened.
  4. The referee needs to be a new to bank client who has never opened an account or invested in any investment products with Citibank Thailand.
  5. Opening deposit and/or investment accounts with new funds means the source of funds to be deposited and/or invested must solely come from outside Citibank. Funds transferred between Citibank accounts shall not be deemed as new funds.
  6. Citibank Reward Points are only given if the referrer is the primary card holder and will be credited only into the card which the referrer has the highest spending.
  7. A successful Citigold referrer will receive reward type and amount according to card types, or gift voucher in case Citi rewards points is not applicable: 10,000 Citi Rewards Points for non Royal Orchid Plus card type, or 3,500 Citi Rewards Points for Royal Orchid Plus card type, or THB 1,000 Central Gift Voucher.
  8. Reward Points is only applicable to Citi credit cards issued by Citibank, N.A. Bangkok Branch except Citi Cash Back Credit Card and Citi Simplicity. Referrer will receive Citi Rewards Points or Central Gift Voucher within 60 days after a successful Citigold referral per clause #2.
  9. In case where there are multiple referrers for the same referee, Citibank reserves the right to accord the referral to the first referrer, and that Citibank’s decision is final.
  10. Citibank reserves the right at its absolute discretion to terminate this program or to vary, delete or add to any of these terms and conditions as appropriate without prior notice.
  11. US person is not eligible for this program.
  12. The referral offer is not applicable to both referrer and referee if the referee is a resident individual of the European Union, European Economic Area (EEA) or any other jurisdictions where referral activity is restricted.
  13. The Bank reserves rights of final decision on any disputes arising out of or in connection with this promotion.
  14. Citibank may require participants who participate in the program to pay for applicable withholding tax on any rewards received through the program, including but not limited to reward points, gift voucher, cashback, and gift. Citibank is legally required to submit a withholding tax report stating the value of the rewards that the participants receive to the Revenue Department. Such rewards are considered as taxable personal income which must be included in personal income tax calculation. Participants have a duty to disclose the source and the value of rewards received as well as to file personal income declaration form as required by law. Nevertheless, participants may request a letter confirming the value of the rewards from Citibank.
  15. The new Citigold customer whom participated in this program shall not enter, or receive reward from another new customer acquisition program.
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Be rewarded for your relationship with us

Earn up to 5% annual Relationship Bonus based on your spending in the last 12 months through Citi Prestige Visa credit card. The Relationship Bonus earned grows as your relationship with Citi grows.
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