Citi PayLite

Citi PayLite
0% Installment Plan.

The smarter way to pay.

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Why Choose Citi PayLite?

  • Make difficult payment easy
  • Make the dream come true
  • Wide range of participating shops

Benefits of Citi PayLite:

If you've been dreaming of owning a new audio system, refurbishing your home, or maybe buying a new set of golf equipment and so on. Citi PayLite can help make the dream come true. The credit card installment plan unveiled by Citi Credit card. With the Citi PayLite Installment Plan, you can enjoy 0% interest or affordable converted monthly factor rates at participating merchants nationwide, allowing you to pay in light and easy installments for up to 10 months.

When you make a purchase with you Citi Credit Card whenever you see the Citi PayLite logo, you can request to pay in 4, 6 and 10 monthly installments, make your payment with Citi Credit Card at participating outlets easier. So, you can get what you want, and it won't feel like aburden.

Earning Citi Rewards Points (only on principle amount, interest is excluded) and getting special discounts or sales Promotion offering by any participating sales outlets.


List of participating merchants

Electric & IT
  • AIS
  • Dtac
  • Truemove H
  • iStudio
  • IBeat
  • U-Store
  • iCare
  • Jaymart
  • Power Buy
  • The Future
  • Modern Air
  • SONY
  • CSC
  • BIG camera
  • ec mall
  • ZOOM camera
  • ZOOM camera
  • ZOOM camera
  • ZOOM camera
  • ZOOM camera
  • ZOOM camera
  • ZOOM camera
  • ZOOM camera
  • Bangpakok9 Hopital โรงพยาบาลบางปะกอก9 อินเตอร์เนชั่นแนล
  • Bangkok Smile
  • Chularat Hospital กลุ่มโรงพยาบาลจุฬารัตน์
  • Chaophya Hospital โรงพยาบาลเจ้าพระยา
  • Nakornthon Hospital โรงพยาบาลนครธน
  • Nonthavej Hospital โรงพยาบาลนนทเวช
  • Piyavate Hospital โรงพยาบาล ปิยะเวท
  • Samitivej Hospital โรงพยาบาล สมิติเวช
  • Samitivej Sriracha Hospital โรงพยาบาล สมิติเวช ศรีราชา
  • Thainakarin Hospital โรงพยาบาล ไทยนครินทร์
  • THAI StemLife
  • TRIA
  • Vibhavadi Hospital โรงพยาบาลวิภาวดี
  • PAN Clinic แพนคลินิก
  • Wuttisak Clinic วุฒิศักดิ์คลินิก
Furniture & Home Improvement
  • เอลลีก้า ELEGA
  • อีเกีย IKEA
  • Index living mall
Department Store

Interest Rates and Minimum Monthly Payments for Citi PayLite:

Minimum purchase made with Citi PayLite for any goods/services is Baht 2,000 and minimum installment is Baht 500 per month. Maximum purchase price will be determined by the remaining revolving credit of your credit card account.

Tenor 4,6 or 10 months

Interest Rate

  • 0% interest for the specified goods or services at participating merchants and outlets.
  • 0.74% interest monthly (Flat Rate) for goods or services which its price is Baht 2,000 and more at participating merchants. The 0.74% interest per months (Flat rate) is equal to effective rate of the following tenor 4 months is 14.13% per annum, tenor 6 months is 15.07% per annum, and tenor 10 months is 15.83% per annum.

Minimum monthly payment

Calculate from goods/services price plus calculated interest from Citi PayLite program divided by the number of tenor monthly installments (Except for the 1st month will be calculated from purchase date when is approved until billing cycle as same as monthly statement date) and which must not less than Baht 500.

Product Price Monthly Payment Amount
0% 4 months 0% 6 months 0% 10 months
12,000 Month 1 3,000 2,000 1,200
Month 2 3,000 2,000 1,200
Month 3 3,000 2,000 1,200
Month 4 3,000 2,000 1,200
Month 5 2,000 1,200
Month 6 2,000 1,200
Month 7 1,200
Month 8 1,200
Month 9 1,200
Month 10 1,200
Total 12,000 12,000 12,000

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Citi PayLite : Monthly Installment Plan

I accept and understand that by having entered into a monthly installment plan (Citi PayLite) of Citibank, Bangkok Branch, I shall be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to comply fully with the terms and conditions of the Citi PayLite monthly installment plan (Terms and Conditions) as specified. Thus within the purview of these Terms and Conditions, the term "Bank" refers to Citibank, Bangkok Branch. The terms "I" and “me” refer to the Cardholder/Accountholder of the primary card and/or Supplementary card / or ready credit account issued by the Bank that has entered into the Citi PayLite monthly installment plan. The term “Statement” refers to the monthly statement of account issued by the Bank in respect of the Card/Account”. The term “Due Date” or “Payment Due Date” refers to the date on which the amount payable to the Bank in respect of the Card/Account becomes due as specified in the Statement. The term “Statement Cut-off Date” shall be the date referred to as such in the Statement. The term “Default Interest” refers to the interest to be accrued on any overdue payment at the maximum rate as may from time to time be announced by the Bank on its website The term “Principal” refers to the price of goods/services paid or agreed to be paid by the Bank to the relevant vendors or service providers according to the Citi PayLite monthly installment plan. The term “Citi PayLite Interest” refers to the interest accrued on the Principal at the rate specified in [●]. The term "Card/Account" refers to the Citi credit card or Citi ready credit account that I am holding and "Citi PayLite" or "Citi PayLite monthly installment plan" refers to the fact that I purchase goods and/or services from vendors or service providers in Thailand selected by the Bank by agreeing to pay for such goods/services including PayLite Interest and other fees on the Card in installments plan. The installments will be monthly and the length of time for the installments (“Tenor”) will be specified in the sales slips that are issued by the Bank's authorization system whereby the Bank will request payment for the goods/services, interest and fees in monthly installments on my Card.

    I accept and understand that I shall make payment to the Bank under the Citi PayLite monthly installment plan which is part of the credit limit and the payment for goods/services through the Citi PayLite resulting in a deduction from my Card/Account limit and that all debts occurring under the Citi PayLite will be considered my Card/Account debt in accordance with my agreement as a member of the Card/Account.
    The monthly installment shown on the sales slip is the amount of money that I must pay to the Bank each month during the Tenor. This amount is calculated from the Principal plus interest during the Tenor divided by the number of months in Tenor (which is chosen on the day that the goods or services are purchased.) The purchase of any goods or services through Citi PayLite enables the system to calculate Citi PayLite Interest and stated on the sales slip automatically. However, the Citi PayLite interest is subjected to change from time to time by the Bank, according to its notifications and regulations then applicable. Citi Rewards point will be calculated from the Principal, excluding interest and other fees.
    The monthly installment payment as specified in the sales slip shall be billed to me, together with other debts that have been incurred in my Card/Account statement. The monthly installment payments shall be due on the Payment Due Date and shall be payable every month thereafter until the total payments are paid in full according to the Citi PayLite monthly installment plan and the Tenor. Method of calculation for the Citi PayLite
    (1) the Principal payable in each month will be equal, which is calculated from the entire Principal amount divided by number of months in the Tenor 2. Citi PayLite Interest in the first month will be calculated from the date on which the Citi PayLite transaction is approved until the Statement Cut-off Date. For the following months in the Tenors, calculation will be counted from the date following the previous Statement Cut-off Date until the current Statement Cut-off Date. The Principal in (1) and the Citi PayLite Interest in (2) will be charged to my Card/Account on a monthly basis throughout the Tenors. In any case, I acknowledge that I will not be able to change the Tenors, which I select on the purchase date. I agree and accept that the Payment Due Date for the first monthly installment may fall on the date that is longer or shorter than the period of 30 days from the purchase date of the Citi PayLite transaction. In this case, total Citi PayLite Interest for the entire Tenor shall not exceed the maximum interest rate announced by the Bank according to the regulations of the Bank of Thailand then in force.
    I acknowledge that I have to pay the monthly installments as required by the Bank in full each month, including the cost of goods, service fees and other debts that are incurred from the use of my Card/Account. I may pay the full amount or the minimum payment amount as specified in the Statement according to the terms and conditions of the Citi credit card membership agreement. In case that I fail to make the payment of the monthly installments in full, I acknowledge that the unpaid balance will be treated as outstanding debt balance in my Card/Account.
    5.1 I acknowledge and agree that in the event that I fail to make full payment within the Payment Due Date, in addition to the Citi PayLite Interest, the Bank shall be entitled to charge Default Interest during the period starting from the Statement Cut-off Date until the payment is received in full.
    5.2 In the case that I fail to make instalment payment within the Payment Due Date, or make payment less than the amount due according to the Statement for over 60 days, or my Card/Account is canceled for any reasons, the Bank has the right to cancel the Citi PayLite transaction and collect the Principal balance of the Citi PayLite, including interest accrued on the total balance due at the rate as announced by the Bank on its website but not to exceed the maximum rate that the Bank is entitled to charge under the applicable law.
    In the case that I wish to pay the remaining balance of Citi PayLite Principal to the Bank before the completion of the Tenor, I shall notify the Bank of this intention in writing or notify an officer through Citiphone Banking Tel. 1588 or any other communication channel as may from time to time be announced by the Bank on its website [insert link], whereby the entire balance of the Principal shall become payable in a single payment.
    7.1. The Bank has the right to change the interest rate for the Citi PayLite whereby it will make a written notification at least 30 days in advance or in the case of an urgent the bank will notify by making an announcement in a Thai language daily newspaper with wide circulation at least 7 days in advance and follow this announcement with a written notification.
    7.2. The Bank has the right to change the ratios, fees, penalties or expenses that it may collect under the Citi PayLite as the Bank deems fit whereby the Bank will make this notification in writing at least 30 days in advance.
    7.3. The Bank has the right to cancel, improve, correct or change any provisions in these terms and conditions. Any cancellation, improvement, correction or change shall be deemed part of this agreement whereby I agree to comply with the terms and conditions so improved, corrected and changed as the Bank may notify me in an advance. In the case that the bank has notified me of any change in accordance with the abovementioned procedure, it shall be deemed that I am aware of such change.
    The terms, conditions and warranty from the particular vendor or service provider shall apply. In the case that I wish to cancel my purchase and the vendor refuses to accept the return of the goods already purchased, I will be obligated to and responsible for debt payment under the Citi PayLite until the Bank has received the payment of the total outstanding balance in full.
    In case of product liabilities or any claim in relation to the quality of goods or services that have been purchased under the Citi PayLite, please contact directly to specific vendor or service provider who provides such goods or services.
    Including interest and other fees that are due will be immediately collected upon the cancellation of the Card/Account in whatever circumstances.
    11.1 The terms and conditions of the Citi PayLite are a part of the Card/Account agreement. Any other issues not specifically provided for under these terms and conditions shall be strictly governed by the terms and conditions of the Card/Account agreement.
    11.2 Terms and conditions, fees, and other detail of Card/Account can be found at
    I agree to pay insurance premium at the rate of 0.53% per month on the monthly installments and on the total outstanding balance in the case that I enroll for a Creditshield Plus Plan that provides full protection for the outstanding balance on the card/account and total balance for goods and services including interest under the Citi PayLite that is within the credit limit of 300,000 Baht. Creditshield Plus will cover my spending, if I am unable to pay the outstanding balance to the Bank due to death, accident, or illness or permanent / temporary / partial disability.


Citibank has no involvement in the provision of the insurance scheme nor is a representative of the insurer, nor has any legal relationship with the insurance company. The insurance representative proposes the scheme which he sees as most beneficial to Citi credit card/Ready credit account members and the members have the choice whether to have insurance or not. In the case that any member requires insurance he will engage directly with the insurance company by going through an insurance agent whereby the Bank will facilitate collection of the insurance premium through the Citi credit card/Ready credit account only to pay the insurance agent.

Insurance agent:

Lockton Wattana Brokers (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Tel. 0-2635-5000 to 4203
Insurance Company: Ayudhaya Alliance C.P. Life Insurance Public Limited Company Tel. 1373