Citi Premier Credit Card Online Acquisition Promotion Terms and Conditions

  • Promotion valid from 1 January 2024 – 29 February 2024
  • Get 10,000 Citi Rewards Points and use 4,000 Citi Rewards Points to redeem White Traveling Trolley Bag 26’’ valued THB 9,000 when spending THB 8,000 within 60 days after card approval date and apply for electronic statement within the first statement cycle.
  • Once customer has spent per bank's conditions, customer must register via SMS to receive the gift. The bank will then send the gift to customer's address listed with the bank.
  • Redeem 4,000 Citi rewards points for White Traveling Trolley Bag 26’’ valued THB 9,000. The premium redemption is limited to one item per qualified primary card member.
  • The Bank reserves the right to offer this promotion only to those who have never been a Citi Credit Card and/or who have cancelled their membership with Citi Credit Card for more than 12 months.
  • Premiums, Reward points, and cash rebate will be uploaded within 4-8 weeks according to the terms and conditions.
  • Premiums, Rewards points, and cash rebate are limited to 1 item/tier for 1 qualified primary card member.
  • Premiums, Reward points, and cash rebate are non-refundable and non-transferable after Card member's acknowledgement.
  • The Bank reserved the right to change promotion or gift without earlier information.
  • The Bank reserved the right to change stock-out premium with the same value without prior notice.
  • The Bank will deliver the Credit card and premiums according to address provided in the primary card account.
  • In the event of disputes, The Bank has the absolute right to make the final decision.
  • Please check promotion details prior to applying.
  • Interest rate including penalty fees and other service charges at maximum of 16% per annum. Cash withdrawal fee at 3% of amount withdrawn. Credit Card annual fee by card type from THB 0 to 99,000 per annum. Payment fee based on the points of service providers from THB 0 to 50. Card replacement fee in case of loss/damage of THB 200. Statement re-issuing fee of THB 50. Copy of sales slip fee of THB 200. Transaction investigation fee of THB 200. Collection fee of THB 50 for the first cycle and THB 100 for the following cycle - only applies if outstanding balance is over THB 1,000 (Effective from September 12, 2021 onwards). Currency conversion risk factor maximum 2.5% of the standard exchange rate set forth by Mastercard® and/or Visa on retail or cash transactions incurred in foreign currencies, collectible in Thai Baht. Details of interest rate and fees are available at
  • The products and services mentioned in this application are not offered to individuals resident in the European Union, European Economic Area, Switzerland, Guernsey, Jersey, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican, The Isle of Man or the UK, Brazil, New Zealand. This application is not, and should not be construed as, an offer, invitation or solicitation to apply for any of the Citi Credit Card and other services mentioned herein to such individuals.

Citi Premier Credit Card terms and conditions:    

  • The Bank reserves the right not to reward credit card transactions incurred from spending on cash advance, mutual fund, unit-linked products, land transfer fee, utility (electricity and water) as well as spending at gas stations, Makro, payment transactions via Citibank Online and cancellation of goods and services (domestically and internationally) or any type of tax refund, annual fee, interest and fees.
  • From 1 August 2023 onwards, The Bank will discontinue rewards points and bonus points via your Citi Premier Credit Card on spending transactions in Thai Baht on posting date at overseas merchants and online merchants registered outside Thailand.
  • From 1 May 2024 onwards, the transactions from VISA/MASTERCARD credit card on purchasing goods, and/or services in Thai baht at the overseas registered merchants and online merchants, and cash withdrawal in Thai baht at overseas ATM will be charged on “Dynamic Currency Conversion" Fee (DCC Fee) at the rate of 1% on the spending/ withdrawal amount.
  • Rewards reversal will be applied in the statement cycle when reversal transaction is posted which may differ from the statement cycle of corresponding purchase transaction. Accelerated/bonus reward points will be awarded only if cumulative value of new purchase transactions in the respective spend category is higher than the value of transactions reversed.
  • In case of any payments default, whether in whole or in part, the Bank is eligible to charge interest during the period of payment default, at the rate as deemed appropriate by the Bank , which shall not exceed the maximum interest rate chargeable under applicable laws. In case that your outstanding balance equals to or exceeds THB 1,000 and this Citi credit card agreement is still remain valid, then collection fee will be charged at THB 50 for the first cycle which outstanding balance remains unpaid. In case that the outstanding balance remains unpaid for more than one cycle, you will be charged the collection fee at THB 100 for each of the following cycle(s).
  • The Bank has the sole and absolute discretion to determine any considerations related to promotions, and any decision of the Bank is final and binding on the customer. For more information regarding terms and conditions of Citi Premier privileges, please visit
  • As a result of the cancellation of the card, card member hereby acknowledges that the annual fee refund is pro-rate according to non-utilization period of service covered by the card.

Terms and Conditions for New Citi Priority Customers and Citi Priority Privileges

  • 1. Cash Back for New Citi Priority Customers Terms and Conditions, please click here
  • 2. Citi Priority privileges Terms and Conditions, please click here.
  • 3. Citibank reserves rights of final decision on any disputes arising out of or in connection with this privilege.
  • 4. Citibank reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions, or cancel this privilege without prior notice.