Treasury and Trade Solutions

Transact effectively

Transact effectively

Message from Head of Treasury & Trade Solutions

Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions is one of core solutions that Citi has to offer. We support a diversified portfolio of clients; ranging from SME to large local and multinational corporates across different industries including Financial Institutions and Public Sector.

With global footprint in more than 100 countries globally, we are able to offer one of the most integrated market-leading Cash Management and Trade solutions in the market to our clients. The solutions are supported with award-winning global platforms and tools, which help to enhance visibility, efficiency and risk management within our clients’ organizations.

In response to fast evolving treasury markets, domestically and internationally, we have continued to develop solutions; such as, faster payments (PromptPay), liquidity pooling structures for both domestic and cross boarder flows and CitiDirect Mobile and Tablet, Direct Presentation – an electronic channel to present trade documents, etc., that would best serve our clients.

With best in class solutions and high experienced professionals, we are committed to continue to deliver innovative solutions and leading client service to our clients.

Patrick O'Neill
Head of Treasury & Trade Solutions

Cash Management

Citi offers integrated cash management solutions to help you effectively manage your financial transactions around the world.

  • Our Cash Management serves domestic faster payments with real-time capability, PromptPay, and cross boarder payments of more than 140 currencies, all via an interoperable Citi’s global standard platform, CitiDirect BE, ensuring a consistent experience across countries, languages and currencies.

  • To you improve your financial goals in receivables management, our wide range of collection and reconciliation solutions are designed to digitize and streamline processes via new technology and innovation, with the goal of optimizing our clients’ processes while reducing costs.

  • In assisting you with liquidity mobility, return optimization and risk mitigation, Citi offers various account offerings, fund concentration structures, and investment schemes.

  • We also offer comprehensive Commercial Cards Solutions that are supported by acceptance at more than 38.5 million merchants worldwide. We have one of the largest footprints globally and is one of the few financial institutions that can offer a true corporate cards platform.

Trade Services and Finance

Citi offers market-leading financing programs by leveraging on our global footprint and on-the-ground relationships with Corporate and Financial Institution (FI) clients. We hold correspondent relationships with more than 1,300 trusted financial institutions globally.

  • With financial strength, scale, technology and product expertise, Citi is able to capture end-to-end cross-border trade flows on behalf of clients worldwide. Working capital and supply chain management solutions are one of our most cohesive offering that helps to facilitate risk management and advance your working capital. Every aspect of your documentary trade transactions, from issuing, advising, amending, confirming and paying, letters of credit to settling and administering documentary collections, are also supported by our Trade expertise.

  • In staying at the forefront of offering innovative solutions, Trade Interactive Solutions enable you to access to information and reports that will enhance efficiency of how you manage your trade activities.
Channel Services

At Citi, we pride ourselves on our global platforms where functionality and interface are designed to be uniform across all countries to ensure a seamless client experience – straight through processing, visibility, control and efficiency across all countries, language and currencies. We have continued to develop our platforms from our client feedbacks and requirements while always keeping in the forefront of the ever-evolving treasury landscape.

Available Citi’s platforms:

  • - CitiDirect BE Online Banking
  • - CitiDirect BE Mobile
  • - CitiConnect for File (Host-to-Host)
  • - Treasury Vision Liquidity Manager
  • - CitiManager
  • - Citi Supplier Financing (CSF)
  • - Trade Interactive Solution
PromptPay (new!)

Citi has recently launched PromptPay solutions for both Payments and Collections which helps provide Instant Payments and Collections 24 x 7 x 365.

Instant Payments

PromptPay is an Instant Payment solution that allow your company to instantly send payments to beneficiaries 24 x 7 x 365.

The capabilities of our Instant Payments include the ability to pay into tokenized ID’s such as Tax ID, Mobile Number, Biller ID as well as to bank account numbers. This solution will support sending transaction of up to 2,000,000 THB per transaction.

Instant Collections

Our Instant Receivables Solution leverages PromptPay Infrastructure. The solution will allow you to collect funds real-time 24x7 365 Days a year which were effected using PromptPay infrastructure to your registered BillerID. The Payer Name and References will be visible to you to help reconciliation.

This collection method can be used along with QR code to make it even easier for your customers making payment by just scanning the QR code to make payment instantly which also helps them avoid any error from manually inputting the Biller ID.

PromptPay for Corporate Income Tax Return

Citi also offer PromptPay Registration service to support Corporates to receive Corporate Income Tax return from the Revenue Department.

3 Simple Steps to Register for PromptPay with Citi

    1. Request PromptPay Registration Form from your Citi Representative or CitiService

    2. Fill in the form and submit back to your Citi Representative or CitiService

    3. Registration will be processed and completed within 5 working days

Please contact your Citi Representative or CitiService if you would like to learn more about the solution on how can it help your business.

CitiService Contact Details: +662-232-4200