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Please fill in your and your friend's information in the below form for Citi Credit Card and/or Citi Ready Credit referral.

Cash Rebate credited to your account will depend upon the number of referrals. Your referred friends must be our New to Citi credit card member or Citi Ready Credit whose applications have been approved. Plus, your referred friends must not currently hold any Citi credit card or Citi Ready Credit and/or cancelled Citi credit card / Citi Ready Credit less than 12 months.

1 May - 30 June 2017

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Terms and Conditions

More information on "Member Get Member" program:

  • Referrers must get concurrence from referees to disclose their personal information which are full name and telephone number.
  • Referrers who join Member Get Member program could be Citibank current clients or non-customer who apply or have applied for Citi Credit Card or Citi Ready Credit within 1 year counting from the referred date.
  • Citibank will count the total amount of referees and referrers at the end of program. Referee’s accounts have to be approved during 1 May – 30 Jun 2017 along with e-Statement enrollment by the first cycle. Premium details as below:

Categories Rewards for Referrer
Cash Rebate
(When both referrer and referee get approval)
Gift Voucher
(When the referrer is refused but the referee gets approval)
Point Earned
Citi Prestige or Citi Royal Orchid Plus Preferred Card THB 2,000 Cash Rebate THB 2,000 Gift Voucher 1 point
Other type of Citi Credit Card except Citi M Visa Classic THB 800 Cash Rebate THB 800 Gift Voucher 1 point
Ready Credit THB 800 Cash Rebate THB 800 Gift Voucher 1 point
Citi Priority - - 1 point
Citigold For more information and relevant terms and conditions: Click For more information and relevant terms and conditions: Click 2 points

    Points earned for rewards Rewards for referrer
    5 points earned 100,000 AirAsia Big Points

    More information on receiving premiums and cash rebate:

  • Citibank will cash rebate THB 800 or THB 2,000 to active and good payment records referrer accounts. The cash rebate will be received within 60 days program ended.
  • In the case of non-customer referrers, the referrer will receive gift voucher of equivalent value instead of cash rebate.
  • Cash rebate or voucher will not be given in case of refferrer is U.S. citizen due to reason relate to tax report.
  • In the case of referrer refers more than 1 person but less than 5 people, referrer will be credited cash rebate according to the conditions above.
  • Referrer will be able to redeem special reward as 100,000 AirAsia Big Points when earned 5 points from successful referrals during Jan, 1st May – 30th Jun 2017.
  • In the case where referrer refers more than 5 referrals, referrer could receive both the prize and cash rebate. E.g. referrer earns 6 points, referrer will received 100,000 AirAsia Big Points and will receive credited cash back for one account.
  • Citibank reserves the rights to only consider referees as those who have not currently held any of Citi Credit card and/or must not have cancelled a Citi Credit card for less than 12 months and referees must also not currently have a Citi Ready Credit and/or must not have cancelled Citi Ready Credit for less than 12 months.
  • In the case that the referee has been approved for more than 1 Citi Credit card and/or Citi Ready Credit, referrer will only be eligible for premiums of only 1 approved account.
  • In the case that the referee has been approved for (1) Citi Credit card and/or Citi Ready Credit and (2) Citi Priority or Citigold, the referrer will be eligible for premiums of both groups (1) and (2).
  • This program is reserved for Citi Credit cards and Ready Credit issued by or Citi Priority and Citigold opened with Citibank branches in Thailand only. Referees who apply for Citi M Visa Classic will not be counted as referrals.
  • For referrer who receive special prized

  • Citibank will inform details and ask for Big ID for processing Big point within 31th Aug 2017.
  • The AirAsia BIG Points will be credited to the AirAsia BIG Member'saccount within 7 working days upon successful receiving Big ID.
  • AirAsia BIG Points are valid for 3 years from the date of receipt and cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash.
  • For more information on how to use your AirAsia BIG Points, please contact AirAsia BIG. Terms & Conditions apply.
  • Premium is non-refundable and non-transferable. if you have any question please directly contact the product customer service or in this case, pls. contact Air Asia Big.
  • Citibank reserves the right to cancel rewarding of cash back or premiums if the referees do not recognize the referrers.
  • Citibank is not responsible for any defect of the product.
  • Citibank reserves the rights to make final decision which referrer should be credited cash rebate when there are more than one referrer referring the same referee.
  • Citibank reserves the right to withhold any approval status of the referred friends for their confidentiality. Citibank will inform referrers of the total referred friends that Citibank credit card, Citibank Ready Credit, Citi Priority, or Citigold has been approved.
  • The value of rewards received from participating in the Members get Members program, including points earned, gift voucher, cashback and merchandise is considered personal taxable income. Citibank, N.A. is responsible for submitting a withholding tax certificate stating the value of the rewards as your taxable income to The Revenue Department as required by law. It is your responsibility to disclose the source and the value of your additional taxable income, connected with your participation in the program, and submits your tax form. You may request a letter confirming the value of such rewards from Citibank to support your personal income tax clarification.
  • Citibank reserves the rights of final decision on any disputes arising out of or in connection with this promotion.
  • Citibank reserves the right at its absolute discretion to terminate this program or to vary, delete or add to any of these terms and conditions as appropriate without prior notice.
  • Promotion code: DBPM54
  • For further information please contact 1588.

  • Additional terms and conditions for Citi Priority and Citigold Referral

  • Citi Priority status refers to a customer who has opened deposit and /or investment accounts with new funds from THB 1 million but not exceeded THB 5 million.
  • Citigold status refers to a customer who has opened deposit and /or investment accounts with new funds at least THB 5 million.
  • The referee needs to be a new to bank client who has never opened an account or invested in Mutual Funds with Citibank Thailand.
  • Opening deposit and/or investment accounts with new funds means the source of funds to be deposited and/or invested must solely come from outside Citibank. Funds transferred between Citibank accounts shall not be deemed as new funds.
  • The referee must maintain the Citi Priority status or Citigold status, as the case may be, until the day the referee receives the reward.
  • US person is not eligible for this program.