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Citibank offers you a range of deposit products designed to delight you with value and convenience. From Checking to Savings Accounts, Time Deposits with attractive interest rates, and even Foreign Currency accounts, discover a whole new range of banking solutions to satisfy your financial needs. Apply online for a deposit account to start growing your money today.

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Savings Account

An efficient deposit option to manage your cash flow.

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Current Account

Manage your deposits with greater convenience with Citi's checking account.

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Time Deposit

Benefit from attractive interest rates with Citibank's Time Deposit.

Citibank foreign currency deposit account

Foreign Currency Account

Deposit accounts to suit your foreign currency needs.

Secured Overdrafts - Deposits

Secured Overdrafts

Manage your deposits with greater convenience with Secured Overdrafts

CitiOne - Banking & Deposits


The All-In-One Deposit Account with convenience, liquidity, and attractive returns.