Citibank Global Transfers.

Citibank Global Transfers - Transfer funds instantly to other Citibank accounts worldwide today.
  • Transfer funds worldwide* via online from your Citibank account in Thailand instantly
  • Transfer funds worldwide*, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Transfer with the handling fees waived
  • Applicable to worldwide Citibank accounts
  • Transfer up to USD 45,000 per day / transaction

*Subject to the destination country options available


Citibank Global Transfers (CGT) is available to the following countries and regions:

*To be discontinued on April 24, 2022
Bahrain China Hong Kong India (NRI only)
Indonesia Korea Malaysia Mexico Philippines
Poland Singapore Taiwan Vietnam UK
*To be discontinued on
June 17, 2022


In reference to your request to use Citi Global Transfer Service via Citibank Online, you hereby agree with the following terms and conditions

Type and details of the service

  1. Citi Global Transfer Service via Citibank Online is the service that we offer to Citibank Online Customers ("Customer") who wish to transfer to overseas destination account of the beneficiary ("Payee") within the scope of services stipulated by the Bank and the purposes of money transfer given by the Customer to the Bank subject to the terms and conditions hereof.
  2. Prior to the use of Citi Global Transfer Service via Citibank Online, the Customer is required to add the Payee name and the purpose of the transfer via Citibank Online web page.
  3. The Customer hereby acknowledges and agrees that the Bank may request for more details and supporting documents as required under the Bank of Thailand's regulations, the relevant laws and the Bank's internal policy and procedure and the Customer must provide the Bank the details and supporting documents as required.
  4. The Customer may request for Citi Global Transfer Service via Citibank Online of not exceeding USD 45,000 or equivalent per day. However, the aggregate transferred amount must not exceed the maximum amount per day under the Citibank Online Service.
  5. The Customer acknowledges that the Bank may reject or cancel any request of the transaction at the bank's sole discretion.
  6. It is agreed by the Customer that should there be any mistake or error causing any damages to the Customer and/or the Payee as a result of the Bank's provision of Citi Global Transfer Service via Citibank Online pursuant to the Customer's instruction given to the Bank and/or as a result of a failure of power supply and/or communication, computer and/or electronic systems and/or any other system in relation to the provision of Citi Global Transfer Service via Citibank Online by the Bank and/or force majeure or any other cause beyond the Bank's control and/or anticipation and/or any event which is not the Bank's default, the Customer shall not be entitled to claim for any damages against the Bank arising out of and/or in connection with the causes stated above.
  7. The Customer shall not have the right to refund the remittance amount from the Bank. If the Bank consider, at its sole discretion, to refund the remittance amount to the Customer, the Bank shall make the payment to the Customer at the prevailing buying rate for the relevant currency less all charges and expenses.
  8. The Customer agrees that all documents and/or any information the Bank has received from the Customer through electronic means, including (but not limited to) Citibank Online Webpage, email, Facsimile, telephone and/or other communication devices, are reliable, accurate and truthful as the same as those they were original and that such documents and/or information received by the Bank through electronic means are enforceable among the Customer, the Bank and other related person(s) (if any).
  9. The Bank reserves its right to amend or change any and all provisions of the Terms and Conditions or suspend or cancel the Citi Global Transfer Service via Citibank Online without having to give a prior notice to the Customer. Should the Terms and Conditions be amended or changed as such, such amended or changed Terms and Conditions will be posted on the Bank's website. (