Citibank Online

For a simply life.

Citibank Online. For a simply life.

Citibank Online is the Internet banking service that allows you to transact electronically from anywhere in the world at your convenience. You can inquire for account information, view your card statement and transfer fund within Citibank or other banks in Thailand.

Simply login to by using your User ID with Password or using credit card number with expiry date to experience Citibank Online Service.



For customer who has Citibank Credit card, current or saving account, Citibank Online allows you to view your Citibank account summary, transaction details and download account activities.

View and Order Paper Statement

View and Order Paper Statement

You are able to easily view and download electronic statement of your accounts (s) with Citibank including Current Account, Saving Account and Credit Card Account which is available up to 7 years back free of charges.

In addition, you are able to order paper statement up to 3 months back to deliver to your registered address with Citibank.


Instant Transaction Update

Unlike before, you no longer need to wait to be updated on your balance and transactions. Check your transactions in real time and stay on top of your spending.

Fund Transfer

If you have current or saving account with Citibank, you will be able to transfer fund between your own account, to a third party's account within Citibank, or to any account in Thailand electronically.

Temporary credit line increase

Request temporary credit line increases for your Citi Credit Card or Citi Ready Credit with immediate effect.


PayLite conversion online

Relax your life with Citibank PayLite Conversion Online by converting your billed/unbilled transactions into installment plan with special interest rate and the tenor of your choice.

Application status inquiry

You can inquire for you Citi credit cards or Citi Ready Credit application status using your application ID and your national ID number at as and when you want.

Foreign Exchange(FX) Rates

Check all foreign exchange rates available in Citibank directly from your mobile.

Click for Cash*

Citibank gives you the option to turn your available Citi Credit Card and/or Citi Ready Credit line into cash with flexible installment plan up to 36 months.

Citi Alert

Citibank Alerts Service offers you the convenience of receiving alerts on your critical account-specific events e.g. Payment due, Past due reminder, etc. via e-mail and short message service (SMS) to mobile phones.


Card activation

Card activation

When receive a de-activated (blocked) Citi Credit/Ready Credit/Debit/ATM Cards, you can activate it by yourself via Citibank Online.


ATM PIN setting

ATM PIN setting

Easily reset ATM PIN to your preferred numbers on your mobile for Citi Credit card, Citibank ATM card, and Citi Ready Credit card.


Create your user ID

Easy steps to create your user ID without documents required.

  • Select Card Type
  • Accept Terms & Conditions
  • Provide Details
  • Create User ID & Password
  • Confirmation

User ID is your single point of access on Citibank Online or Citi Mobile.