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Enjoy greater financial flexibility with “Temporary credit line increase” service. Citibank Online provide you the greater financial flexibility to fit your credit needs in times of emergency, traveling or even to settle last minute purchases anytime anywhere. Eligibility for temporary credit line increase: 1) Get instant temporary credit line increase without supporting documents 2) The request must be done on primary card 3) Time interval between temporary credit line increases is at least 30 days 4) Maximum number of temporary credit line requests is 4 times in the last 12 months 5) Total credit line will be within the regulatory limit of 5 times the monthly income.
How to do temporary credit line increase via Citibank Online :
Go to and login by user id
Click “Service” and “Card Services” on the top menu bar.
Click “Temp Credit Limit Increase”
Enter your new credit line, effective date and reason
of your request. > Confirm
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