Turn big payments into big Rewards

Turn Big Payments into
Big Rewards

With Citi PayAll you can now pay for rent, school fees, insurance, travel and other payments by making payments from your Citi Credit Card or Citi Ready Credit and transfer the fund to the bank account in Thailand.

For Citi Credit Cards , earn Citi Rewards Points or Cash Back with the same earn rate as your normal spending, with only 1.5% fee. For Citi Ready Credit, no fee charge

The payment can be set up both one time or recurring.


Pay insurance fees


Pay travel package


Pay rent, condominium and accommodation fees

School Fees

Pay tuition and other school fees


Pay other payments


The Bank would like to inform you of an important change on Citi PayAll service that may affect you. Effective from 19 November 2023, Citi PayAll enrollment will be available for only one-time transaction on Citi Credit Card and Citi Ready Credit. In addition, certain types of Citi PayAll transaction(s) scheduled before 20 November 2023 will be effective until 21 January 2024 only. The aforementioned Citi PayAll transactions include:

  • Citi PayAll transaction on Citi Credit Card with recurring payment (bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannually, and annually frequency)
  • Citi PayAll transaction on Citi Ready Credit with recurring payment (bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannually, and annually frequency)
  • Citi PayAll transaction with monthly installment

We value your loyalty and appreciate your understanding as we make these changes to better serve you. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the change of Citi PayAll services, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. To check your Citi PayAll enrollments’ status, please visit Citi Mobile® App.

Thank you for choosing us as your trusted financial partner. We look forward to continuing to serve you with excellence and dedication.

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Stay in control

Citi PayAll lets you manage your cashflow smartly and stay in control so you don’t miss a payment or exceed your credit limit.


What is Citi PayAll?

You can now pay your education fees and rent using your credit card with the newly launched Citi PayAll feature. For the first time, these payments will be able to earn Citi Rewards Points, cash rebate and special gift. For now, Citi PayAll supports rent and school fee payments on selected Citi Credit Cards and all Ready Credit. please click on “Payments” via Citi Mobile® App or click on the link in the email or SMS sent to you.

Who can I pay with Citi PayAll?

At present, Citi PayAll allows you to pay Rental, School fees, Donation, Condominium management fees, Event, Goods and service purchases, Insurance, Maintenance fees, Membership Fees, Transportation Fee, Travel, Utilities, or Other payments using your Citi Credit Card and Citi Ready Credit. Your recipient does not have to be a Citibank customer and will receive the funds as a normal bank transfer.

What cards can I use for this service?

You can pay with Citi PayAll with all Citi Ready Credit or Credit Card

If you don’t have any of these cards, click on the card to apply now.

Do I earn rewards on my transactions?

Yes, depending on your choice of card you will be able to earn Citi Reward Points, Cash Rebate and special gift for each payment.

Can I schedule a payment?

Yes, you can. Transaction must be made at least 3 business days before the fund transfer date. You also have the option to make this a recurring payment for the next 12 months. Currently, you can set up monthly, bi-weekly, quarterly, bi-annually and annually recurring payments.

When will the bank charge Citi PayAll transaction ?

For one time and recurring payment, the transaction will be posted on the customer's statement 1 business day ("Post Date") prior to the Payment Due Date if the Payment Due Date set by the customer ("Due Date") is a business day, or 2 business days ("Post Date") prior to the Payment Due Date if the Payment Due Date set by the customer ("Due Date") is a non-business day. In the case of interest charged, the calculation of interest will be posted in the statement on the same day.

How long do payments take to reach my beneficiary?

Payments take 3 business days to be processed. In case of payment due on weekend or public holiday, the recipient will receive money on the last business day before holidays.

Is there a fee for using Citi PayAll?

Yes, a small fee is charged per Citi PayAll transaction for using the service with Citi Credit card at rate of 1.5%. The fee will be reflected after you input the transaction amount and recipient details. However, this service is free of charge for Citi Ready Credit.

I've lost my card! Will my payments continue to recur?

If you have lost your card, your payments will not continue on the newly reissued card. Please set up a new Citi PayAll payment on your replacement card to ensure your recipient gets paid on time. However, we will be able to transfer your Citi PayAll payments onto your new card, should your card be renewed upon expiration.

Supplementary FAQs

I am a supplementary Citi Credit Cardholder. Can I still use this service?

Citi PayAll is only available for both primary and supplementary cards.

Is there a cap to the amount I can transact via Citi PayAll?

Yes, the transaction amount and number of transaction are limited per calendar month with payment due as follows: maximum of 3 transactions/month/customer, maximum of 2 transactions/same payee account/month/customer and maximum of THB 690,000/month/customer across all payment purpose or 1.5 times of your Citi Credit Card credit limit (at the time of registration)

Can I set up Citi PayAll for both rent and education fees?

You can set up a Citi PayAll for both rent and education fees at any time using your Citi Mobile® App. Alternatively, you can request us to send enrollment link by typing PASMS followed by a space and then last 12 digits of your Citi Credit Card or Citi Ready Credit and sending to 4712228 (THB 3/SMS). The Bank will send an SMS with enrollment link after your confirmation within 7 business days and customer must ensure that the provided card number is correct. The Bank reserves the right to accept customer requests up to the 20th of every month. The Bank shall not be liable for any damages incurred to your bank account without any negligence or fault of the Bank. In case you face any issue regarding sending the SMS, please contact your network operator directly.

How do I know if my set up or payment is successful?

You will receive an email and SMS notification alert when the payment is set up and when payment has been successfully charged to your card. Successful payments will be reflected in your Citi Credit Card and Citi Ready Credit statement. If you have made a recurring payment, you will also receive a notification alert every month when the transaction is charged to your card. We will also notify you if your payment fails to go through..

My payment got rejected. What do I do now?

You will receive Email/SMS notification when your payment is unsuccessful. In this case, you will not be able to proceed with Citi PayAll. Please make alternative arrangements to ensure your recipient gets paid on time.

If a payment fails, am I still charged?

If your payment fails to go through, the transaction and fee amount will be refunded to your Citi Credit card. For your Citi Ready Credit, only transaction amount will be refunded due to no fee charge on the account.

What happens if I set the payment up to the wrong recipient?

If you made an accidental payment to the wrong recipient which was processed successfully, the payment of the transaction will not be refundable and will still appear on your statement.

Can I amend or cancel my transaction after I have confirmed it?

You cannot amend your transactions once it has been set up. However, should you wish to cancel the transaction, please log into your Citi Mobile® App. You can review and cancel your existing payment instructions by selecting the PayAll option under “Payments” tab. Please cancel the transaction at least 3 business days before your next payment due date as cancellation will not be processed once the payment is charged to your card.

How will my Citi PayAll payments be reflected on my credit card statement?

Your payment will appear as “Rental / School Fees” on your Citi Credit Card or Citi Ready Credit statement, along with indications of the payment type and your recipients name e.g “Rental – Somchai.”

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