Citi Ready Credit

The card for all your cash needs

Citi Ready Credit

Citi Ready Credit - The card for all your cash needs

Need a quick online loan?

Enjoy access to instant cash with Citi Ready Credit. Turn your available credit limit into a quick cash loan and bring your plans to life, whatever they might be. Simply withdraw cash instantly from ATM or swipe your Citi Ready Credit for a PayLite installment plan. Apply for one of the fastest cash loans online today.

Citi Ready Credit

Citi Ready Credit - Quick Cash Loans
  • Convenient access to cash anytime anywhere with no withdrawal fee at any banks' ATMs nationwide
  • Convert your available credit to cash within 1 business day and with flexible installment plan up to 48 months
  • Greater financial flexibility with Citi PayLite installment plan, 0% interest installment payment up to 36 months

Citi Ready Credit - Quick Cash from Credit

Benefits - Fast Cash Loan


  • No ATM withdrawal fee for ATMs with these logos
  • No annual fee for life
  • No transfer fee
  • No payment charged at more than 10,000 payment channels across country


  • No collateral or guarantor required for Ready Credit application
  • Instant access to cash from ATMs nationwide and worldwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Various payment channels across country. Once paid, the credit line is instantly replenished


  • Maximum revolving credit line up to five times of monthly income or 1,000,000 Baht
  • Temporary line increase service at 1588 CitiPhone Banking 24 hours a day
  • Offer various products for All Your Cash Needs such as ATM withdrawal, Quick Cash, Citibank PayLite

Cash Advance from ATM or Balance Transfer Program

Withdraw money with no withdrawal fee whenever and wherever you would like with Citi Ready credit. You can withdraw cash at any banks' ATMs nationwide or request cash via Balance Transfer program to be transferred to any of your bank account upon contacting 02-232-4288, with maximum revolving credit line up to 1,000,000 Baht.

Quick Cash

Order a lump-sum anytime. Whether you want a small or large lump sum, you can credit it to your account anytime, 24-hour. It gets even better as you can repay upto 48 monthly installments with preferential interest rate.

Citi PayLite

Enjoy 0% installment plan with Citi PayLite. 0% interest on any items over a short or long tenor up to 24 months. Or enjoy a longer loan repayment period up to 48 months.

Interest Calculation

Calculate interest from cash advance

  • Cash advance amount
  • Interest rate p.a.
  • Transaction date
  • Payment date
  • Interest per day


  • Number of days


  • Total interest


Acquisition Promotion

Free! Premium Trolley Bag size 20” valued
THB 5,890 for Citi Ready Credit online applicants

Plus Special Deal! 0% interest rate for cash withdrawal in the first 3 cycles

Subject to the Bank's terms and conditions

Please click here for promotion terms & conditions.

  • Promotion is starting 1 Jul – 31 Dec 2019.
  • Enroll for eStatement by the first cycle
  • Receive 0% interest rate offer (ATM withdrawal) for first 3 consecutive billing. This is applicable for less than 50,000 THB outstanding balances. For over 50,000 THB outstanding balances, card will be charged the normal interest rate. Note that after first 3 consecutive billing, card will be charged the normal interest rate as well
  • Recieve Premium Trolley Bag 20" valued 5,890 Baht for customers who have over 5,000 baht of ATM withdrawal or at least 1 transaction of Citibank Paylite/Call for Cash balance within 60 days after card issuance
  • The bank has a right to offer the bag to Ready Credit applicants who give us their email address only
  • Bank will send redemption code via SMS to redeem trolley bag through Customer will be able to fill in personal details when spending according to bank's criteria.
  • Code is Valid for 1 redemption only.
  • Citibank reserves the right to offer this promotion only to those who have never been a Citi Credit Card/Ready Credit member and/or who have cancelled their membership with Citi Credit Card/Ready Credit for more than 12 months. This condition does not apply to Citi Prestige and Citi Royal Orchid Plus Preferred credit card members who have paid upfront annual fee.
  • Premiums, Reward points, and cash rebate will be uploaded within 4-8 weeks according to the terms and conditions
  • Premiums, Reward points, and cash rebate are limited to one item per qualified primary card members
  • Premiums, Reward points, and cash rebate are non-refundable and non-transferable after Card member's acknowledgement
  • Citibank reserved the right to change promotion or gift without earlier information
  • Citibank reserved the right to change stock-out premium with the same value without prior notice
  • In the event of disputes, Citibank has the absolute right to make the final decision
  • Please check promotion details prior to applying
How to Apply





Complete the short form and click "Submit"


Citibank Sales Agent will call you to confirm your application within a business day


  • Age: 20 years old and above
  • Thai citizen
  • Minimum monthly income is 15,000 Baht
Photocopy of ID Card / Government Official ID Card / Stated Enterprise ID Card Photocopy of Identification Card
Photocopy of home registration Photocopy of home registration
Current month Payroll slip/salary certification letter Photocopy of your company valid registration of your company valid registration
Bank Statement of Personal account (updated last 3 months) Bank Statement of Personal account (updated last 6 months)


  • For overseas withdrawal, transaction fee is waived for Citibank ATMs worldwide, except Citibank ATMs in Australia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru and Kazakhstan. Country coverage may subject to change. Citibank reserves the right to modify the list without prior notice. Withdrawal from non Citibank's ATM may subject to transaction fee, depending on respective banks.
  • Call For Cash/Quick Cash applicants must comply the bank's terms and conditions and/or Citi Ready Credit loan agreement such that the Call For Cash/Click For Cash product is under Citi Ready Credit's credit limit. The bank will exempt pre-termination fee for the applicant who complete at least 12 monthly payment.
  • Citibank has the right to change or cancel any special campaign without preemptive announcement. All changes and announcements solely depend on the bank's decision.
  • Interest rate including penalty fees and other service charges at 24%-28% per annum (effective rate), Payment fee based on the points of service providers from THB 0 to 50, Card replacement fee in case of loss/damage of THB 200, Statement re-issuing fee of THB 50, Collection fee of THB 100/Billing Cycle, Details of interest rate and fees are available at