Cash Advance from ATM

Withdraw cash anywhere anytime with no withdrawal fee

Enjoy Benefits such as Free ATM Withdrawals and Cash Advance from ATM

Citibank Ready Credit – Cash Advance from ATM or Balance Transfer Program

Citibank Ready Credit - Cash Advance from ATM
  • Convenient access to cash anytime anywhere with no withdrawal fee, from any ATM nationwide or from Balance Transfer program with cash transferred into your bank account.
  • Affordable interest at less than 1 Baht per day for 1,000 Baht withdrawal
  • Flexible repayments at a minimum of 200 Baht or As low as 1% of the outstanding balance, whichever is greater

You can get cash advance from your credit line on Citi Ready Credit via 2 channels.

1. Cash advance from ATM

You can withdraw cash from all ATMs nationwide and Citibank ATMs worldwide with the following logos 24/7.

ATM cash withdrawal allowance per day:

Allowance Min Amount/time Max Amount/day Times/day
ATM cash withdrawal 100 Baht 100,000 Baht Up to 5 times

No withdrawal fee

You can repay at a minimum of 200 Baht or As low as 1% of the outstanding balance, whichever is greater.

2. Balance Transfer Program

You can get cash advance via Balance Transfer program by converting available credit line into cash and have cash transferred into any of you account.

• Disbursement mode Request cash transferred into savings or checking account per your instruction
• Transaction amount Minimum 10,000 Baht and remaining credit line can be withdrawn from ATM.
• Approval duration Receive your cash within 1 business day after approval.
• Fee No withdrawal/cash transferred fee is applied.
• Minimum payment amount You can enjoy flexible repayment plan, repaying any amount you like depending on your repayment ability in each month. The minimum payment is 200 Baht or As low as 1% of the outstanding balance, whichever is greater.
• Repayment period You can repay whenever you like depending on your ability and needs.
• Booking channel Wherever you are, you can simply call 02-232-4288 or click here to request your cash online.
Interest Calculation

Calculate interest from cash advance

  • Cash advance amount
  • Interest rate p.a.
  • Transaction date
  • Payment date
  • Interest per day


  • Number of days


  • Total interest



Monthly Income* (Baht) Effective Rate** (p.a.)
15,000-19,999 28%
20,000-29,999 26%
30,000 Up 24%

*Citibank Ready credit member's monthly income is evaluated based on Citibank's terms and conditions.

**The effective rate is calculated on a daily basis.

ATM Pin on the Fly

Citibank Ready Credit customers can request a new ATM pin or change their ATM pin immediately through:

  • 1. Choose "My Profile" menu

  • 2. Choose the "Change ATM PIN" from the left menu

  • 3. Enter One-Time PIN received via SMS to your primary mobile number

  • 4. Select the card that you want to change the ATM PIN

  • 5. Enter your old and new ATM PIN

  • 6. Successfully changed your ATM PIN

CitiPhone Banking


*In case you do not have T-PIN, please press 0 to request T-PIN from CitiPhone Banking officer. Once completed, the call will be routed to steps above.


Cash Advance from ATM

For overseas withdrawal, transaction fee is waived for Citibank ATMs worldwide, except Citibank ATMs in Australia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru and Kazakhstan. Country coverage may subject to change. Citibank reserves the right to modify the list without prior notice. Withdrawal from non Citibank's ATM may subject to transaction fee, depending on respective banks.

Balance Transfer Program

Click to read Terms & Conditions of Balance Transfer program.