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Service Guarantee
Fast & Easy

Citi Service Guarantee, we are offering 1,000 Citi Rewards Points or equal for any service item that goes beyond our committed timeframe

Credit Card and Ready Credit

Receive approval results within 5 working days for your Citi Credit Card/or Ready Credit, when applying with your completed documents

How to apply the program

1. Applicant has to send SMS to register the program by typing Citi (space) Sales Agent Rating (ex. Citi 10), and send to 4712333 (THB 3 per message). The score equal to “From your recent experience of acquiring the Citi Credit card, on a scale from 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend Citi to a friend or colleague" where 10 means “Extremely Likely” and 0 means “Not at all Likely”.

2. Applicant is also required to send SMS using ‘Primary Mobile Phone’ that was given in the application, and also required to provide ‘email address’ in the application for the approval status notification purpose.

3. The approval period starts from the day you submit completed documents and send the above SMS to Citi.
The approval date refers to the date that you receive an approval confirmation email from Citi


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  • This program is applicable to all approved Credit Card types and Ready Credit applicants, except Supplementary Card applicants.
  • Program is applicable for customers who submit completed document and send SMS to join the program during Nov 9, 2015 to Feb 29, 2016.
  • Within 1st cycle after approval, Citi will call customers to inform if the approval period is within committed timeframe.
  • In case the approval period is over 5 working days, Citi will credit rewards points or cashback to customer’s account within 2nd cycle after approval.
  • Citi Ready Credit customers or Citi Cash Back credit cardholder will receive ‘‘cashback” valued at THB 100.
  • Limit 1,000 rewards points or THB 100 cashback per application. In case an applicant applies for various products by one single application which may receive both rewards points and cashback, Citi reserves the right to give only 1,000 rewards points.
  • All decisions made by Citi are deemed final.