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Cash amount up to your credit limit within 1 minute and receive money within next business days

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Repay with installment plans up to 48 months for Citi Ready Credit and 36 months for Citi credit card.

Simple and Hassle-free

Get it anytime on your smartphone. No documents required.

Apply via Citi Mobile® App  or other online channel to get special offer.
Apply via Citi Mobile® App or other online channel to get special offer.
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How others are using Citi Quick Cash

Planning a perfect wedding is a huge undertaking. With Citi Quick Cash, Katelin was able to respond quickly to unexpected expenses for her big day.
Medical expenses
Medical expenses
Medical expenses can accumulate quickly, especially when life suprises you with twins. Citi Quick Cash let Gavin and Ann cover all their bills with ease.
Kid's education
Kid's education
Enrichment classes are a necessity these days. With Citi Quick Cash, Sam secured ballet lessons for his daughter with cash payment.

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