CitiPhone Banking

CitiPhone Banking

CitiPhone Banking

CitiPhone Banking

CitiPhone Banking - CitiPhone self-service Banking. This automatic voice response telephone banking service makes life much easier.

Now you can just pick up the phone and dial to acquire information on your Citibank accounts and credit cards as well as conduct banking transactions with no delay or waiting time. And there is no need to apply! Fast and convenient, operating 24 hours a day, even on holidays, CitiPhone self-service Banking is like an answer to your dream



All you need is a Citicard, Citibank Credit Card or account number and 4-digit Telephone Personal Identification Number (T-PIN). It is even more convenient today since you can simply use your Date of Birth to do the transactions* through Citi Phone Banking, without having to remember your T-PIN. And you can connect to Citi Phone self-service Banking without waiting for an officer's line.

* Date of Birth is for the non-financial transactions only


With 4-digit Telephone PIN you can access all your accounts and you can change it to an easier-to-remember number at anytime.

If you have more than one Citibank account, you can use a single T-PIN code for all your banking transactions.


There is no need to memorize any step. You're provided with simple-to-follow instruction each time you access CitiPhone self-service Banking.


No application or service fees are levied.


Full Range of Automatic Voice Response Citi Phone self-service Banking System includes;

  • Balance Inquiry
  • Citibank Rewards Points Inquiry
  • Application Status Inquiry
  • Card activation
  • Temporary credit line increase
  • Change Telephone PIN or request/change credit card ATM PIN/ request Ready Credit or banking ATM PIN
  • Request for copy of account statement
  • Foreign exchange rate inquiry

No transaction fee charge

Contact Us
  • Call us: 1588 (if dialing from within Thailand)
  • Call us: +66-2 232-2484 (if dialing from Overseas)