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Flex Pay


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Pay Lite

Citibank, N.A. Terms and Conditions: -First time converting is required to convert via online channels only.Online channels are SMS from Citi, Citi Mobile® Application, Login via www.citibank.co.th, fill the form in www.citibank.co.th/convertEN - Customers who has converted spending during 1 Oct – 31 Dec 19 are not eligible for this program. -Citi PayLite is converting credit card unbilled amount with interest charged (excluded Citi PayLite at merchants).-Citi FlexiBill is converting credit card billed amount with interest charged. - Approval and interest rate are subject to Citibank’s sole discretion. - Reserve the rights for eligible credit card holders and participating transactions only. - In case of booking inquiry, please contact 02-232-4288 Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00.- Limit 1 gift/customer. - The gift will be delivered by 30 Sep ’20.- Citibank reserves the right not to offer gift to any customer who pre-terminates plan. - The gift cannot be exchanged for cash.- In case of product defect, please contact product owner directly. - PCBO83

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How others are using PayLite and FlexiBill

Back-to-school expenses can easily add up. Sam starts his daughter off on the right foot with Citi FlexiBill.
A US road trip has always been on Jen's bucket list. With Citi FlexiBill, she made it happen.
Seasonal buys
Seasonal buys
Christmas cheer comes with a lot of festive spending. Kevin uses Citi FlexiBill to spread the season's bills over time.

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