Citigold® Global Financial Services


Your bank is wherever you are

At Citibank, we understand the unique requirements that come with living and working abroad. With a dedicated Global Support Centre and our global network, we make it easier for you to establish a new banking relationship and manage your finances when you relocate to a new country.

Global Banking with International Money Transfer - Citigold™ Thailand
Global Banking with International Money Transfer - Citigold™ Thailand
As our client, you will enjoy the benefits and privileges of your Citigold status anywhere. We offer you the same priority banking status and recognition you enjoy at home1.
Wherever in the world you may be, get help with your banking via our dedicated 24-hour Toll-Free Home Connect at 800-2484-2633800-2484-2633 or (800-CITI-CODE)2; home talk time charges apply.
  1. Your Relationship Manager can assist you on your Citigold Status Passporting. Only available for Citigold clients who have achieved the required balance.
  2. Simply follow these steps:
    • Step 1: Dial 800-2484-2633800-2484-2633
    • Step 2: Choose your preferred language
    • Step 3: Enter country code (e.g. "66" for Thailand)

IDD code needs to be entered based on the country location from where you are calling out.


Recognition and service worldwide

At Citibank, we want to help you enjoy every minute of your travel. Take advantage of Citibank's global banking presence by tapping into our international branch and ATM network, dedicated global support services as well as Citi World Privileges.

Get Recognition and Services Worldwide with Citigold™ Thailand
Get Recognition and Services Worldwide with Citigold™ Thailand
Enjoy fee-free cash withdrawals1 from over 13,000 Citibank ATMs and access to Citigold Centres around the world.
If you need emergency cash while travelling, visit any of our 300 Citigold Centres to withdraw up to USD 10,000 fee-free in selected countries from your account.
Shop and dine like a local anywhere in the world with Citi World Privileges. Enjoy attractive deals at hotels, retail shops, restaurants, and tourist attractions across the planet.
Access 9 different currencies, for payments and withdrawals at Citibank ATMs overseas at no additional conversion fee Learn more >
  1. Prevailing foreign currency exchange rates apply. Transaction fee is waived for Citi ATMs worldwide, except Citi ATMs in Australia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, and Kazakhstan. Country coverage may be subject to change. Citibank reserves the right to modify the list without prior notice. Withdrawal from non Citibank's ATM may be subject to transaction fee, depending on respective banks.