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What is a bond?

A bond is an investment in which the bond holder extends a loan to the bond issuer for a specified period of time. In return for the loan, the issuer will make regular interest payments - known as coupons - to the holder of a bond. A bond can be issued by governments as well as companies.

Why invest in corporate bonds?

  • Investors can expect higher return than saving account
  • Regular and predictable income stream, receive full principle amount
  • An asset class that investors can invest in for diversification purpose
  • Can be a choice of an asset class for investors who prefer to invest in specific debt instruments issued by corporations in which they have confidence
List Of Bonds

We provide our customers with more than 40 wide selection of investment grade bonds issued by reputable organizations worldwide. Click here for the list of bonds

Top-performing corporate bonds to purchase

Apple Inc (AAPL)


  • Apple Designs, manufactures and markets mobile communication and media devices, personal computers and portable digital music players, and sells a variety of related software
  • The world largest Technology company by revenue in 2015
  • Strong credit rating
Maturity date : 3 May 2023 S&P Credit Rating : AA+
Yield to Maturity p.a. : Click here Category : Computers
Citibank Risk Rating : 2 Minimum Piece : USD2,000
Issuer Country : United States Minimum Incremental : USD1,000
The Walt Disney Company (DIS)


  • World’s largest media company represents its strong brand reputation and value
  • Creating variety of revenue segments through its subsidiaries and affiliates include media networks, parks and resorts, studio entertainment, consumer product and interactive media
  • Strong credit rating
Maturity date : 17 Sep 2025 S&P Credit Rating : A
Yield to Maturity p.a. : Click here Category : Media
Citibank Risk Rating : 2 Minimum Piece : USD2,000
Issuer Country : United States Minimum Incremental : USD1,000
Societe Generale (SOCGEN)


  • One of the leading financial services group in Europe
  • Engaged in retail banking, corporate and investment banking, financial services, insurance, private banking and asset management
  • Substantial growth in net banking income driven by the commercial dynamism of all the businesses
Maturity date : 19 May 2026 S&P Credit Rating : BBB
Yield to Maturity p.a. : Click here Category : Banks
Citibank Risk Rating : 3 Minimum Piece : USD200,000
Issuer Country : France Minimum Incremental : USD1,000
JP Morgan Chase & Co (JPM)


  • America’s biggest bank with significant global presence
  • Sizable market share for all of its primary businesses which include corporate and investment banking, asset management, retail and commercial banking
  • Positive guidance on overall year-on-year growth of loan portfolio
Maturity date : 1 May 2023 S&P Credit Rating : BBB+
Yield to Maturity p.a. : Click here Category : Banks
Citibank Risk Rating : 3 Minimum Piece : USD1,000
Issuer Country : United States Minimum Incremental : USD1,000

Source: Citi Investment Research, Country Analyst, Form 10-K Company Annual Report 2015, Bond Prospectus and Fortune Global 500

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The current yield of a bond can be described as the ratio of the annual interest earned to the actual market price of the bond. The current yield is stated as a percentage. For example, if a bond’s current market price is Baht 1,000 and it pays an interest of Baht 70 a year, then the current yield of that bond will be 7%.

When you sell a bond and purchase another one that has the same market value then it is known as Bond Swap. Swaps are usually made to modify maturity, increase credit quality, etc.

When a bond is issued at a value that is less than its par or face value, then it is known as a discount bond.

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Investments contain certain risks, please study the prospectus and all relevant materials before investing. Not an obligation of, or guaranteed by, Citibank unless otherwise stated. Not bank deposits. Not subject to deposit insurance. Subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the principal amount invested. Subject to price fluctuation. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. Not offered to US persons.

Investors investing in investment products denominated in non-local currency should be aware of the risk of exchange rate fluctuations that may cause a loss of principal when foreign currency is converted back to the investors’ home currency. Exchange controls may be applicable from time to time to certain foreign currencies. Investors should therefore determine whether any foreign currency investment is suitable for them in the light of their personal investment objectives, financial means and risk profile. Investment products are not available to U.S. persons and may not be available in all jurisdictions. This document does not constitute the distribution of any information or the making of any offer of solicitation by anyone in any jurisdiction in which such distribution or offer is not authorized or to any person to whom it is unlawful to distribute such document or make any offer or solicitation. All applications for investment products are subject to specific terms and conditions. All subscriptions for Investment Products must be made on application forms accompanying the prospectus. Prospectuses are available from Citibank, N.A. Bangkok Branch. Citibank full disclaimers, terms and conditions apply to individual products and banking services.