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Citibank, N.A. Terms & Conditions: *Terms & Conditions for lucky draw campaign: (1) Eligibility is calculated from Citi Mercedes Credit Card member with the following transactions during 1 Jul - 30 Sep ’21. • Receive 1 chance when spending THB 2,000 or more/sales slip. • Receive 2 chances when spending THB 2,000 or more/sales slip at Authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers nationwide • Receive 20 chances when new Citi customer applies for Citi Mercedes Credit Card (primary card only) and card is approved during 1 Jul - 30 Sep ’21. (2) New customers mean applicants who have never been a Citi Credit Card customer or who have cancelled their membership with Citi Credit Card for more than 12 months. (3) The Bank will use the last 12 digits of your card number to perform the lucky draw on 17 Nov ’21 at 14.00 p.m. at Tinidee Hotel@Bangkok Golf Club at 99/3 Moo2 Tiwanon Rd., Bangkadi, Amphoe Muang, Pathumthani and will announce the list of winners on official Facebook “Citi Thailand” on 23 Nov ’21. The Bank will notify the winners via telephone call to inform details and process to claim for prize. • Grand prize: Mercedes-Benz GLA 200 AMG Dynamic total 1 prize valued THB 2,399,000. • 2nd prize: 3 days 2 nights stay at Amanpuri, Phuket inclusive of breakfast for 2 persons along with 3 days car rental from AVIS total 3 prizes valued THB 61,500/prize total valued THB 184,500. • 3rd prize: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 128 GB total 3 prizes valued THB 39,900/prize total valued THB 119,700. • 4th prize: Apple iPhone 12 Pro 128 GB total 3 prizes valued THB 36,900/prize total valued THB 110,700. • 5th prize: Dyson Pure Cool™ air purifier tower fan model TP04 total 5 prizes valued THB 27,990/prize total valued THB 139,950. • 6th prize: Titanium membership card from Poli-Chem total 5 prizes valued THB 14,490/prize total valued THB 72,450. • 7th prize: Starbucks voucher value THB 5,000 total 30 prizes total valued THB 150,000 Remark: Value of the prizes is determined as of 31 May ’21. (4) Color and model of the prize is subjected to the Bank’s final decision. (5) Example of lucky draw chances calculation: 1) Participating in PayLite 0% installment plan THB 17,000/sales slip, get 1 chance. 2) Spending THB 10,000/sales slip, get 1 chance. 3) Spending THB 5,000/sales slip at Authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer, get 2 chances. (6) Participants is entitled to the unlimited numbers of chance to participate in the draw but is limited to win a maximum of 1 prize only (per primary card account) throughout the campaign period. Should their names be drawn more than once, the Bank reserves the right to award only the highest value prize to the winner and the lower prize will be awarded to substitute lucky draw winner or if the winners do not meet the required criteria, the Bank reserves the right to cancel their entitlement and award the prize to substitute lucky draw winner. (7) The prize cannot be exchanged, returned or exchanged into cash and cannot be given or transferred to other persons. (8) The winners must claim their prize and present their national ID card along with a copy as evidence to claim a prize at Citibank, Bangkok Branch, 399 Interchange 21 building, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey Nua Sub-district, Wattana District, Bangkok 10110 within 23 Dec ’21 with an advance date and time arrangement of at least 3 working days. Failure to claim the prize within that date specified shall be deemed as waiver and the Bank will award the prize to substitute lucky draw winner. (9) The winner of Mercedes-Benz GLA 200 AMG Dynamic must be responsible for car registration fee, car transfer fee, car insurance and deposit fee for the red number plate. (10) The winner of 3 days 2 nights stay at Amanpuri, Phuket inclusive of breakfast for 2 persons along with 3 days car rental from AVIS must proceed with the following: a) For Amanpuri, Phuket • The winner is required to make advance booking directly via at or call 076 324 333 by 31 Jul 2022 • Stay period: 24 Nov 2021 - 31 Jul 2022 b) For AVIS Rent A Car • Complimentary 1 day rental car on group B (Toyota Vios 1.5 auto or similar) total of 3 vouchers/prize • The winner is required to make advance booking directly at • Booking and use period: 24 Nov 2021 - 15 May 2022 c) For more information, please call 0-2251-1131 d) Terms and conditions will be determined by the service provider. e) This award cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions. f) The winner acknowledges that the service provided by third party merchants, and not by the Bank. The Bank will not be responsible for the acts or omissions of such merchants, or for any defect or deficiency in the facilities and services offered. (11) The winners who win prizes worth THB 1,000 and above must pay 5% withholding tax in accordance with the order of the revenue department no. T.P. 4/2528 or any other rate specified by law. The winners must make the payment in cash on the date of prize claiming. If the winners do not claim the prize within the specified period or cannot be reached or refuse to pay the withholding tax, it deems that the winners waive their entitlement to the prize. The value of the prizes is determined on 31 May ’21. (12) In order to fully comply with Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) requirements, the winner(s) with a U.S. Person status agree that the Bank can transfer information (i.e.: name, address, Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), prize value, etc.) to related parties or organizations as required by FATCA. If the winner(s) resist to share the required information, the Bank reserves the right to cancel the entitlement to the prize and give the prize to runner up winner. (13) The winners must maintain Citi Mercedes Credit Card’s membership status with proven good payment record until the prize delivery date. Campaign is eligible for those who reside in Thailand only. The Bank reserves the right not to award the prize to the winner if the transaction for goods or services is cancelled (only in case the winner has 1 chance for luck draw). (14) The winners agree and consent to the Bank for the collection and use of their photos and/or video and the Bank is able to disclose them for marketing and public relations purposes without obtaining an approval or consideration. (15) Citi employees, Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) employees, Mercedes-Benz Authorized Dealers and their employees, representatives from media and advertising agencies, and family of such employees or representatives cannot participate the lucky draw campaign. (16) The permission no. 98/2564 issued at Pathumthani district office, Pathumthani dated 4 Jun ’21. (17) The Bank has no involvement in goods and/or services. Please contact merchants and/or service providers directly for more details. **Terms and conditions for cash rebate: • Card member is entitled up to THB 20,000 cash rebate/account/campaign. • Cash rebate calculation is based on the spending amount of THB 20,000 and above /sales slip/ account and THB 200,000 and above/sales slip/account (primary and supplementary cards combined)/campaign. • Cash rebate will be credited to primary card account within 60 days after campaign completion. Card members must maintain active membership status until the upload date. • Eligible types of spending transaction exclude Cash Advance, Balance Transfer, Click for Cash/Call for Cash, spending at Makro, spending at gasoline stations, Mutual Fund, LTF, RMF, insurance and unit-linked product (the Bank will refer to Visa Securities-Brokers and Dealers Merchant Category Code 6211), Utility (water & electricity), amount of the bill payment service via Citibank Online, annual fee, interest and other fees specified by the Bank. • Spending at Hypermarket and Supermarket will be included for calculation for up to THB 100,000/sales slip/ account (primary and supplementary cards combined)/calendar month (the Bank will refer to Visa Hypermarket Merchant Category Code 5411). Example of cash rebate calculation, for spending at Hypermarket and Supermarket, if in Jul, a card member have THB 100,000/sales slip, in Aug at THB 150,000/sales slip and in Sep at THB 200,000/sales slip, the card member will receive total of THB 1,800 cash rebate for the entire campaign period. • Citibank reserves the right to credit the cash rebate if there is a tax refund transaction or a cancellation of goods or services transaction both domestically and internationally. Other Terms and conditions: • The Bank reserves the rights to Citi Mercedes Credit Card issued in Thailand with spending as per campaign requirement, and completed SMS registration successfully during 1 Jul - 30 Sep ’21 only. • The Bank reserves the rights to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice and reserves rights of final decision on any disputes arising out of or in connection with this campaign. • The reference code for this campaign is BCBX96.
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