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We’ve updated the Citi Mobile® App to include an all new experience

It’s quicker, it’s easier to use, and it’s the app that’s all about you

Enjoy control of your card and banking matters, whenever and wherever you go

Find out what makes managing your credit cards and banking so simple

Our customers’ favourite features

Personalised dashboard

Simplify your payments

Powerful features on demand

Your Security is our priority

Credit Cards estatement

Activate & manage your card

All new features on the Citi Mobile@App

Citi Global Wallet

The world in one wallet

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Online Foreign Exchange (eFX)

Instant transfer between your accounts in local and foreign currencies

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Quick Cash

Instant cash from your credit card on your terms

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Overseas Fund Transfer

Online money transfers to various countries around the world

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Everyday banking in real-time with powerful features for Citi Credit cards.

Everything at a glance

Get to the important things, first
 - Personalised view
 - Know your card
 - View statements

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Fuss-free and simple

Do more, do it easily.
 - Activate card
 - Pay bills
 - Transaction search
 - Scan and pay
 - Pay to card with QR code
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Easy instalments, instantly

Financial freedom in a few taps.
 - Monthly bill
 - Big purchases
 - Get Cash
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You're in control

Feel secure, always.
 - Change ATM PIN
 - Card locking
 - Citi Mobile® Token
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A world of privileges

In the palm of your hand.
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