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Our 2-way SMS Notification alerts you whenever a suspicious transaction is detected. Your prompt response plays an important role in safeguarding your account.
An alert will be sent to you whenever we detect a suspicious transaction.
If you DID perform that transaction, reply with 1.
Citi will keep your card active. You can continue using your card.
If you DID NOT perform that transaction, reply with 2.
Citi will block your card. We will contact you to check for any other fraudulent transactions. A new card will be issued, if needed.
(Screens shown above illustrate sample SMS sent from AIS and Truemove network operators)
Please note:
For AIS and Truemove network, you will receive the SMS from the number 4514588.
For DTAC network, you will receive the SMS from the number 1611588.
We will not ask for any additional information to be provided other than "1" or "2".
To use 2-way SMS service, please ensure that your contact number is up-to-date.
While roaming, international charges will be applied.
If suspicious transaction occurs while you are abroad and Citibank cannot contact you to validate the transaction, your credit card will be temporarily suspended.
To reactivate your credit card, please contact Citphone Banking at 1588 (if dialing within Thailand) or +66-2232-2484 (if dialing from overseas).
Once you received SMS, in case you need further assistance and/or require information, please call +66-2079-4276
It is important that we have your updated mobile phone number and email address so that you can receive these alerts relating to your accounts. You can update your contact details by logging in to Citibank Online. Learn how>>
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