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citi balance transfer manage your finances

A smarter way to manage your finances






Improve your liquidity by converting Citi Ready Credit line to instant cash

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Stress-free funds for your needs


Get approved within 1 minute to receive cash up to your credit limit, and get it by the next business day


No hassle fee


Repay at your convenience

Ways to make your move:

Medical expenses

Emergency funds to care for your health

Kid’s education

Invest in your child’s future

Home renovation

Turn your house into a home with the funds you need

Special Deal! 9.99% interest rate for the first 3 cycles

Special Deal! 9.99% interest rate for the first 3 cycles

when you join the Balance Transfer program, after opening your Ready Credit account within 2 cycles.

*Subject to the Bank's terms and conditions.


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Eligible for Citi Ready Credit customers only