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Balance Transfer

Balance Transfer

A credit line to manage your finances






Improve your liquidity by converting Citi Ready Credit line to instant cash

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Stress-free funds with Citi Ready Credit


Get approved within 1 minute to receive cash up to your credit limit, and get it by the next business day


No hassle fee


Repay at your convenience

Take advantage of Citi Balance Transfer for your needs

Using Citi Ready Credit for medical expenses

Medical expenses

Emergency funds to care for your health

Using Citi Ready Credit for Kid’s education

Kid’s education

Invest in your child’s future

Using Citi Ready Credit Balance Transfer for Home renovation

Home renovation

Turn your house into a home with the funds you need

Citi Balance Transfer Offer

Special Offer! 9.99% interest rate for the first 3 cycles

when you join the Balance Transfer program, after opening your Ready Credit account within 2 cycles.

*Subject to the Bank's terms and conditions.


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Eligibility criteria

Eligible for Citi Ready Credit customers only




Documents required

No document is required for eligible Citi Ready Credit customers.


  • How do I apply for Balance Transfer?

    Click here to apply now. Or call 02-232-4288 Mon-Fri 08:00 – 18:00 

  • What are the requirements for Balance Transfer?

    Only eligible Ready Credit card holders. Approval is subject to Citibank’s sole discretion.

  • How much can I take cash from Balance Transfer?

    You can take cash from Balance Transfer program from THB 10,000 to Credit limit or THB 690,000, whichever is lower.

  • Are there any minimum repayments?

    Pay a minimum of 1% of the transfer amount or THB 200, whichever is higher.

  • Can I get an increase in my credit limit if I am in need of more funds?

    Click here to view details.

  • How do I make the payments?

    Payment for your Ready Credit card spending should be made by the due date indicated on your monthly statement. Simply choose the payment method you find most convenient from various online and offline payment channels. For more details, please visit

  • Are there any fees to pay?
    • -No withdrawal fee at any banks' ATMs nationwide
    • -No transfer fee to your account
    • -Interest start from 24% to 28% per annum when aggregated with interest, fines, service charges, fee and commissions
    • -Payment fee: THB 0-50 depends on payment channels
    • -Fee for issuing new card in case of loss/damage (in case of card for cash withdraw): THB 200 
    • -Application fee for each statement report (from the second copy onwards): THB 50
    • -Collection fee: THB 100 / Billing cycle