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What is Regular Savings Plan?

Regular Savings Plan (RSP) is a disciplined way of saving through regularly investing an equal amount of money into the mutual fund of your choice to even out the ups and downs of the market and average down the unit cost of your invesment. RSP uses an investment method called dollar-cost averaging to proctect investors from most of the volatility of stocks.

Benefits of Regular Savings Plan


Invest without significant capital

Power of compounding

Helps grow a small sum of money into a substantial amount over a longer time horizon

Automatic and flexible

Monthly investment orders will be set up and processed automatically

Avoid market timing

Allows you to capitalize on market opportunities whenever they arise

How does a
Regular Savings Plan work?

Once your RSP instruction has been set up, it will automatically invest the specified amount on a monthly basis into the mutual fund that you have selected.

Personalize your investment portfolio

The type of mutual funds to include in your investment portfolio should relate to your individual profile. The illustration down below serves as a guide on which mutual funds to select for your portfolio.

Citi's Recommended Asset Allocation


  • Fixed Income


  • Cash



  • Fixed Income


  • Equity


  • Cash



  • Fixed Income


  • Equity


  • Cash


Our Portfolio Management Service

Citibank's portfolio approach to Regular Savings Plan

At Citibank, we believe that any investment portfolio should consist of different mutual funds and be diversified across asset classes. There are 6 broad categories of mutual funds:

Equity funds allow you to invest in company stocks.

Equity Funds

Equity funds will consist of the stocks of different companies

Investing in fixed income mutual funds can grow you even more.

Fixed Income Funds

Fixed income funds can have bonds issued by coroporates or governments

Investing in a mixed mutual fund can balance the risks.

Balanced/Mixed Funds

Balanced and mixed funds may consist of both equities and bonds

Investing in a mixed mutual fund can balance the risks.

Commodity Funds

Commodity funds invest into the price of commodities such as gold

Citibank finance experts explain to clients the tax benefits of investing in SSF/RMF.

Tax Benefit Funds

Known as Retirement Mutual Fund (RMF) and Super Saving Fund (SSF); Tax benefit funds may consist of stocks or bonds issued in Thailand

Alternative investment options from Citi such as Real Estate Investment, Commodity Investment, etc.

Alternative Funds

Invest in non- traditional asset, such as real estate, commodities, and leveraged loans

Our Mutual Funds

Citibank offers over 200 best-in-class mutual funds, managed by reputed names in fund management, both onshore and offshore with Open Architecture Investment Platform. Funds come in many varieties, designed to meet different investor goals. There are equity funds, bond funds, and even multi-asset funds, which invest in a portfolio of many types of securities. Talk to your financial adviser today to find out if a fund is right for you or visit our Citi Fund Explorer.

Click here for more details on Citi Mutual funds

Clients partner with Citibank's financial experts to help them understand and invest in mutual funds.

Our Services

Citi Fund Explorer is the latest mutual fund innovation for Citibank clients. You can now compare mutual fund as well as conduct an in-depth review of each fund at your own convenience through this easy-to-use online innovation tool

Features of Citi Fund Explorer

Access to full suite of mutual funds available at Citibank Thailand

Compare and view fund performance between different funds of your choice

Download the latest fund related documents, such as fact sheet, prospectus and annual reports in Thai and English

Choose your savings goal

Find out how much you need to save or invest every month to reach your goal

My Wedding

From the prefect wedding to your dream honeymoon and every beautiful moment in between, save for your big day investing in RSP.

My Family

Because play time, study time, and holiday time all add up, grow your savings with RSP to give your child a head start in life.

My First Home

Take the existing step towards having a place to call your own and invest in RSP to help you save up for one of life’s most important purchases.

My Passion

Whether it is the latest model, a converted designer piece, or some me-time at an exotic location, start saving with RSP to realize your desires.

Find out how much you need to save or invest every month to reach your goal

Total amount I want to save


Max to 50,000,000

Years to reach my savings goal



Estimated rate of return (% per annum)



Monthly RSP amount needed to meet your goal


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Investment contains certain risk, please study prospectus before investing. Not an obligation of, or guaranteed by, Citibank. Not bank deposits. Subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the principal amount invested. Subject to price fluctuation. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. Not offered to US persons.